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Welcome to the ECS demo site! This platform supports pedagogical collaboration. The platform has three main components, which can be accessed from the maroon bar, above.

  • Good Practices pages are for current pedagogical wisdom; these pages are fairly static but are expected to improve gradually over time.
  • Discussions are less formal and more ephemeral than the pages. When discussion generates good ideas, those ideas should be added to the relevant Good Practices pages.
  • Course Pages are for experimentation. Here can be archived the specific materials and strategies used each term along with commentary on their effectiveness. Successful materials should be linked to the Good Practices pages.

These three work closely together. For example, an idea from a discussion may be tested in a course, discussed further, revised and retested, and finally added to the Good Practices pages (where it may continue to evolve). This platform is very flexible: your site is not restricted to the structure described above.

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To see examples of this platform’s features, click “Good Practices,” “Course Pages” or “Discussions” at the top of this page.

To learn how to make and edit pages, files, or discussions, click “Site Help” at the top of this page.

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