Link discussions and files to pages by using tags

To encourage collaborative improvement of pedagogy, discussion appears alongside the relevant content. Relevance is determined through the use of tags.

Discussions, pages, and files have descriptive tags


  • A page about training TAs to grade problem sets might have the tags “TA training” and “grading”
  • A handbook to help TAs grade psets might have the tags “TA training,” “grading,” and “resource.”

Each page displays discussions and files that share all of the page’s tags.

A page with the tags “TA training” and “grading” shows all discussions and files whose tags include both “TA training” and “grading.”

  • A handbook tagged “TA training,” “grading,” and “resource” will appear on the page because it contains both of the tags “TA training” and “grading.”
  • A discussion about training TAs that has only the tag “TA training” will not appear on this page, because the discussion lacks the tag “grading.”

To ensure that files and discussions appear on the relevant pages, each page should be tagged with as few tags as possible, while each discussion and file should be tagged with all relevant tags. Tagging will work best if each page concerns only one topic.

How to tag discussions, pages, and files

To simplify tagging, when you use the link “upload related file group” or “add new discussion thread with these tags,” the new file or discussion is automatically assigned that page’s tags. In most cases, additional tags will need to be added to ensure that the new material appears at other appropriate locations within the site. Screen shots that demonstrate how to assign tags to discussions, pages, and files are included in the help pages about creating and editing discussions, pages, and files.

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