Upload Files and Edit File Groups

Once you’ve created your own site, you’ll be able to access the editing features by using a grey menu that will appear at the top of the page, as shown in this screen shot.

Upload Files

To upload files to the site, first decide which page should display the files and navigate to that page. There are two easy ways to upload files to the page:

  • Click on the “Upload Related File Group” link in the upper right corner of the page, or
  • From the editing interface, click on the “Create related file group” button above the editing window, as shown in this screen shot.

Both options open the editing interface for file groups in a new window, as shown in this screen shot. A file group is a collection of related files, for example a pdf and its source file, or multiple revisions of the same file. Even if you have only one file, you must create a file group for it. Refer to the screen shot for instructions for creating a file group, or see the instructions below.

  • Give the file group a short name that will make sense to other users.
  • Browse to find the file, and click “Open.” Repeat for all files you want to include in the file group.
  • At the right side of the page, in the grey “Post Tags” box, click on the link “Choose from the most used tags.” Select all relevant tags, but do not create any new tags unless necessary.
  • In the “Publish” box at the right, choose a Creative Commons license.
  • Click Update
  • Click on the yellow bar “Post Updated–View Post” to see the file group.
  • To add a description of the file group, click on “[n] Responses to [name of file group]” and enter a comment. Indicate not only what the file group contains, but also any information about who wrote or contributed to the content, any observations about the effectiveness of the materials, and any questions or comments for future users of the materials.
  • Close the file group window to return to where you were within the site.

To link to the new file group from within page text, see the help page about editing pages.

Edit file groups

To edit a file group,

  • Click on the name of the file group to view the group
  • In the grey bar at the top of the page, click on “Edit File Group.”
  • Edit the file group as described above.

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