Navigate the Site

A visual summary of how to navigate the site is attached.

On each page, you can click on maroon headings to see more text. To hide the text, click on the heading again.

Browsing the site <– Click on maroon headings to see more text

To browse to different pages on the site, use the maroon navigation menu at the top of each page or click on the page tree at the right side of the page. In the page tree, clicking on a + symbol reveals subpages. Clicking on a page name opens that page; the page that is currently open is indicated in bold in the page tree. To hide the entire page tree, click “hide” at the top of the tree.

Files related to each page are listed at the right side of the page, under the page tree. Clicking on a filename will bring you to the associated “file group,” which may contain multiple versions of the file (e.g., pdf, source file, older versions). You may download these files either individually or grouped together in a zip file.

Discussions appear both on the Discussions page (reached via the maroon menu at the top of each page) and at the bottom of any pages that are related to the discussion. For example, there is a discussion at the bottom of this page. To see the beginning of the discussion, click on the discussion’s title. Then to see responses, click on the link at the bottom that says “[n] Responses to [discussion title].”

You can also navigate to relevant pages, discussions, files, and external links by clicking on maroon links that appear within the page text.

Searching the site

To search for pages, files, or discussions, use the search box at the right side of each page, just below the maroon navigation bar.

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